Everyone Thinks That I Like Him Extra

Translator: Mosstree

I found this on the author’s Weibo the other night. This really is the last extra >_<


About Sister-in-Law~

It seemed that there wasn’t much difference between the life of a graduate student and previously. Even the campus was still A Uni’s main campus. The two didn’t live in the graduate dormitory and continued to live in their rental apartment.

Ye Heng’s work on this side was going very well and he was now thinking about buying a house.

In this regard, Ye Zhou and Shang Jin were strongly in favor. Shang Jin had raised this matter when Ye Heng came to A City. After all, A City’s housing prices would only rise higher and higher. But Ye Heng had downplayed it and pushed it off.

As for the reason for dismissal, Shang Jin was completely speechless and helpless.

“I’ve decided to buy it next door to you.”

“Ah?” Ye Zhou was astonished, “We’re not planning to buy a house now.”

Ye Heng calmly said, “Then I’ll wait.”

“Brother, your waiting is all money. Do you expect the price in A City to fall?”

Ye Heng raised his eyes and swept Ye Zhou and Shang Jin with a glance and said, “Otherwise, I’ll help you with an advance first?”

Ye Zhou immediately shook his head, “No way.”

Ye Heng sighed, “Then I’ll keep thinking about it.”

Ye Zhou saw Ye Heng’s thoughtful look and secretly nudged Shang Jin with his arm.

Shang Jin remained unmoved.

Ye Zhou glanced at Shang Jin and lightly coughed. “That, brother, compared to the house, why don’t you find me a sister-in-law first?”

Ye Heng smiled, “This matter depends on fate. Hurrying it still can’t be hurried.”

“The key is you’ve been here for two years…” Ye Zhou scratched his head and said, “I haven’t seen you very close to any woman. If you like men…” Originally, Ye Zhou intended to let Shang Jin speak on this matter, but in the end, Shang Jin always played stupid and he was anxious on the side. He clearly knew that when he talked to his brother, he always came out on the losing end.

“Stop!” Ye Heng shot him a glance and said, “Don’t think that you’re gay so everyone around you should like men.”

One sentence completely stoppered Ye Zhou’s words.

“Ye Zhou got confused from concern.” Shang Jin finally took up the topic. He touched Ye Zhou’s head and said, “Big Brother is an adult and naturally knows what he wants.”

Ye Zhou curled his lips. “It’s me meddling.”

Ye Heng couldn’t bear to see Ye Zhou’s good intentions being let down and explained, “It’s really that I haven’t met the right woman yet. The older we are, the less pure we are towards love. The two people being together, they not only think about personality, ideology or attitude in life, but sometimes even consider family conditions and too many external factors can affect it. It’s better for you to completely abandon the interference from the outside world and stay pure.”

Ye Zhou blinked, not really understanding.

Ye Heng threw a question to him, “What do you think about most when you’re with Shang Jin?”

“Whether I like him or not…” Bringing this up, he’d struggled for quite a number of days over who he’d really liked.

“It’s good to be young.” Ye Heng left this lament and went straight away.

The next day, Ye Zhou picked up a call on his way to school. A younger school brother he knew wanted to borrow his previous notes. Ye Zhou thought that the time was still early and decided to go over and give it to him directly.

“You don’t have to stay with me.” The two men rode their bikes back to the school building where they often attended classes.

“It’s okay anyway.” The weather in October was good for cycling. While bathed by the sun, Shang Jin narrowed his eyes and his voice was lazy. “How does a freshman who just started class know you?”

“The last time my bike got a flat tire, I didn’t notice it, and the kid lent me a pump. Turns out he’s in the finance department. Since I didn’t throw away my notes, I was going to give it to him.” Ye Zhou quickened his riding speed and said, “It’s best to give it to him before class starts.”

However, perhaps in the past few years, the two people were really good at stepping into the classroom on the dot, so when they just arrived at the classroom, the school bell rang. The two sat down in the last row, intending to give the freshman brother the notebook and quietly slipping out the back door.

The ideal was beautiful, but the reality was cruel.

Ye Zhou and Shang Jin just stepped into the classroom when they immediately came under the watchful gaze of all the students.

Even if the two people had become graduate students, their fame still didn’t decrease, but increased.

Of course, this was also thanks to the Shang Ye number. After graduating, the two men originally planned to ride the Shang Ye number home and end its riding career over the past few years.

But for A Uni’s students, the riding career may be over, but the test god career still remained.

Ye Zhou waved his hand and said that the car would stay at school.

The people at school heard that Shang Ye was “donating” the car to the school and the next day, they sent people to ride it back and parked it in a very eye-catching location. It was surrounded by railings and since then, had become the beautiful scenery of the finance department.

Ye Zhou being stared at by so many gazes, whispered, “Can we leave in a bit?”

Shang Jin looked at the time and said, “It’s still early even if we leave to go see our mentor. Let’s just self-study.”

“That works.”

His voice just fell when the teacher of this class came in.

Ye Zhou and Shang Jin originally had their heads down, but hearing the exclamations around them, they couldn’t help but look at the podium.

Shang Jin raised his eyebrows and suddenly understood.

Ye Zhou looked for a bit and then lowered his head.

Shang Jiin gave him a glance and said in his heart, Ye Zhou was really not interested in women at all.

The female teacher at the podium had a temperament even better than her outstanding appearance. Her outfit was very simple without gorgeous jewelry. She only wore a ponytail and the clothes on her body was also very clean, her face only having a touch of makeup. Raising her hand or lifting her feet, it carried the feeling of being above the common populace, as if she was only suited for seclusion in the mountains rather than the active hustle and bustle of the city.

Shang Jin slanted his head and looked at the textbook of the student in front of him.

Literature class.

“Hello everyone. My name is Jiang Yuchi. I will be the literature teacher for everyone this semester.” Saying this, Jiang Yuchi wrote her name on the blackboard. “This is my phone. Everyone can note it down and if you have any questions in the future, you can contact me.”

Shang Jin held his chin and looked at the words on the blackboard. Words were like the person: there was a kind of freedom in the gracefulness.

“We won’t start this class with a lecture. Let’s get to know each other.”

Perhaps because of Jiang Yuchi’s temperament, no one dared to impudently ask questions, so after Jiang Yuchi finished, the classroom suddenly fell into a mysterious silence.

Jiang Yuchi didn’t feel embarrassed. She took out the roster and said, “Since everyone is so shy, then let me get to know everyone first.”

In the following time, it was almost all student self-introduction time. From their words, it felt like these students were very reserved.

Ye Zhou turned a page and whispered, “This bunch of people are really quiet. I remember when we were in class, it was so lively.”

After marking down the names of the entire class, Jiang Yuchi said, “If you don’t have anything to ask, then let’s start class now.”

Shang Jin suddenly opened his mouth, “Does teacher have a boyfriend?”

In a flash, the group of freshmen looked at Shang Jin like looking at a warrior.

Worthy of being a senior: not being afraid of danger at any time.

Ye Zhou desperately pulled at the hem of Shang Jin’s clothes under the table, not understanding what Shang Jin was trying to pull all of a sudden.

Jiang Yuchi, who had been smiling, eyes narrowed like arrows in an instant. Her expression hadn’t changed, but her eyes no longer held a smile. “Classmate, want to be my boyfriend, catch up with my education first.”

Shang Jin frowned.

Jiang Yuchi lightly spat out two phrases, “Ph.D, C Uni.”

The whole class drew in a breath.

Shang Jin nodded and didn’t speak again.

Jiang Yuchi glanced at the roster and said, “You’re not a student of our class, right?”

Ye Zhou was afraid that Shang Jin would say something that shouldn’t be said, and hurriedly said, “Teacher Jiang, we’re not students in this class, but we rather like literature, so…”

Jiang Yuchi knew that there were some students in the university who’d drop by to listen. She put the roster down and said, “I hope in my class that we do not ask any personal questions. Similarly on the phone, please talk about content related to the lecture.”

After class, Ye Zhou gave the notes to the schoolmate and pulled Shang Jin out of the classroom. Seeing Shang Jin was still absent-minded, he furiously said, “What nerve did you struck? Why were in messing around in other people’s class?”

Shang Jin smiled, “What, worried that I fell in love with someone else?”

Pei!” Ye Zhou nudged Shang Jin’s thigh with his knee. “You’re not someone who’d do something without a purpose.”

Shang Jin’s hand casually rested on Ye Zhou’s shoulder and said, “Before, I felt that she was very gentle and refined when I saw her, and she’s also a literature teacher. So I thought that she should be able to chat with big brother, but I changed my mind now. Teacher Jiang is a bit proud and so is big brother. They’re not suitable.”

Mentioning Ye Heng, Ye Zhou’s interest arose. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I didn’t look twice just now.”

“It’s not suitable anyway. It’s useless to look more.”

Ye Zhou still felt a little discouraged, but since then, he started to pay a lot of attention to the women around him.

After observing for a while, he still felt that no one was very suitable for his brother and gradually left this matter behind him.

In the late autumn, the weather gradually turned cold. Ye Zhou and Shang Jin rode over on their bikes and felt the cold wind biting their faces.

Ye Zhou and Shang Jin went out and forgot to bring an umbrella. When it was time to go home, the rain poured down heavily.

“Shoot, how can we go back?” Ye Zhou sneezed and pulled up his jacket’s zipper. They stood at the door of the school building, watching the rain. It still hadn’t stopped after a short while.

Shang Jin looked at the time and said, “Why don’t we ask big brother to come around on his way back?”

At this time, it was really fortunate that they lived in the same community.

Ye Zhou took his phone out. Now was just the time when Ye Heng would be coming home. He hurriedly made a call and simply said a few words before he prepared to sit in the empty classroom to wait for Ye Heng.

“Teacher Jiang, you’re just going home?” Brushing by the other person in the hallway, Ye Zhou habitually greeted the person he knew.

Jiang Yuchi was startled for a moment, not expecting the other party to say hello to her. After all, they’d only met once. She smiled courteously, “What about you? Still haven’t gone home yet?”

“Yeah, we’ll leave later.” Ye Zhou looked at Jiang Yuchi’s back and said, “She didn’t look at you the whole time. It seems that she’s still brooding over what happened last time. I have to say did you really have to ask her if she had a boyfriend and make such a big ruckus instead of asking the other people in private?”

Shang Jin didn’t feel that he was wrong. “What everyone thinks isn’t necessarily true. This kind of thing, you can only ask the person involved to get the fastest, most effective and authentic answer.”

Ye Zhou just wanted to refute, then he thought of himself and Shang Jin and silently closed his mouth.

The two people stayed in the classroom for 15 minutes, then received a call from Ye Heng. They went to the door of the school building and saw Jiang Yuchi was standing to the side.

“Teacher Jiang, you also didn’t bring an umbrella?”

“Well, I was in a hurry today and forgot.”

“Where do you live? My brother is coming over to pick us up. Why don’t we give you a ride?”

Jiang Yuchi hesitated for a few seconds and said, “That’s a hassle. You don’t have to send me home. Just drop me off at a convenient place to take a taxi.”

The black car stopped at the school building entrance. Ye Zhou thought that Jiang Yuchi wouldn’t want to squeeze in the back seat with them and said, “Teacher Jiang, you should sit in front.”

The rain was too heavy and Jiang Yuchi also wasn’t unreasonable. After Shang Jin and Ye Zhou entered the back seat, she opened the passenger door.

As soon as they got in the car, Ye Zhou explained, “Brother, this is a teacher from our school, taking a ride.”

Ye Heng nodded. After Jiang Yuchi got into the car, he took out two paper towels and gave it to her.

“Thank you.” Jiang Yuchi wiped the rain from her hair and her eyes swept over Ye Heng. This glance made her freeze on the spot.

Shang Jin and Ye Zhou were leaning their heads against each other as they looked at their phones when the sudden silence in the car made Shang Jin look up. He bumped Ye Zhou and made him raise his head.

Ye Zhou leaned in next to Shang Jin’s ear and said in a very small voice, “What’s the situation?”

Shang Jin shook his head.

Ye Heng didn’t pay attention to the other person’s strangeness and started the car. He asked as they were leaving campus, “Teacher, where do you live?”

It was as if Jiang Yuchi was waking up from a dream. She tidied her hair and said, “In the Tiancheng District.”

“That’s not far. I’ll send you back first.”

“Thank you.” Jiang Yuchi once again looked at Ye Heng and said, “That, my name is Jiang Yuchi. I’m actually not their teacher. You can call me Little Jiang.”

“The depths of the water flow slowly, the noble person speaks measuredly: the name is good.” (T/N: He’s expounding on the meaning of her name, which gets lost in translation.)

Jiang Yuchi clenched her slightly trembling hands and asked, “You’re Senior Ye Heng, right?”

Both Ye Zhou and Shang Jin in the back seat pricked up their ears, and even their breaths were soft.

Ye Heng stopped at the red light and looked at her strangely.

Jiang Yuchi tightly grasped her knapsack strap and said nervously, “Senior Ye Heng was very famous at C Uni when I started. I’m behind you by two years.”

Ye Heng looked at her and thought for a moment. He recalled, “It’s been ten years. You’ve changed a lot and I didn’t recognize you for a moment.”

“Do you remember me?”

At the same time, Ye Zhou leaned against the back of Ye Heng’s seat and asked, “What’s the matter? Do you know each other?”

Ye Heng slowly started. It’d been too long ago and there were a lot of things he really didn’t remember. But at the beginning of his junior year, he’d helped a girl and had a bit of an impression. “Teacher Jiang could be counted as the only school sister I welcomed.” At that time, he was pulled over by a friend from the student union to help. After welcoming one student, he was pulled away to do something else.

Ye Zhou sighed, “It’s really fate to meet again after such a long time.”

“Who says it’s not?” Ye Heng smiled, “But Teacher Jiang is quite formidable. An average person can’t become a professor at A Uni.”

Shang Jin interjected, “Big Brother, Teacher Jiang has a Ph.D from C Uni.”

“Really formidable.”

“Not really. I can only study, so I kept studying,” Jiang Yuchi whispered, “Education doesn’t count as much.”

Shang Jin leaned his head on Ye Zhou’s shoulder. This teacher was really interesting. When a student asked her, she said coldly that if he wanted to chase her, he should catch up with her education. When Ye Heng was here, education didn’t count as much. It really was a terrible double standard.

Ye Zhou seemed to have thought of the same thing as Shang Jin. He pushed Shang Jin off and winked at him.

Tiancheng District was one of the most famous large-scale real estates in A City. It covered a wide area and even had several bus stops in the community.

Ye Heng asked, “Which one do you live in? This is my first time here so help point out the way for me.”

Jiang Yuchi straightened her back, looked out the window intently and pointed ahead before turning.

Going around seven bends and eight curves for more than ten minutes, they finally stopped in front of residential building number 11.

Before getting off the car, Jiang Yuchi took a deep breath and said, “Senior Ye Heng, take care on the way back. Thank you for today. I’ll invite you to a meal another day.”

Ye Heng waved his hand and drove to the intersection. Through the blurry window, he looked at the map of the neighborhood and said, “How did she turn a two-minute road into ten minutes?”

Shang Jin coughed and said, “Who knows.”

Ye Zhou snickered, “God knows.”

Ye Heng looked at the two men through the rearview mirror and shook his head.

In fact, the protagonists are still the two Shang and Ye~ By the way, the sister-in-law was brought out~ I will not write more afterwards~

Onz what about the new text? Try my best by mid-September~


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